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Are You A Camp Sunrise or YouthCARE Alum?

We are looking for people who were impacted by YouthCARE! If you are a former Board of Director • Volunteer Camp Sunrise counselor • YouthCARE staff Youth Participant you can help YouthCARE raise $15,000 before December 31, 2017 YouthCARE’s retired executive director, Craig Luedemann and his wife, Mary Robischon, have offered a CHALLENGE MATCH to Camp Sunrise and YouthCARE friends who are new donors or haven’t given recently. Between now and December 31:

Since 1974, our commitment has been to:

  • Offer educational experiences that foster cultural awareness, understanding and appreciation.
  • Employ youth in meaningful positions that also offer further education and career exploration.
  • Provide experiences and mentoring to develop youth leadership abilities.


YouthCARE's Volunteer Program provides a wide variety of opportunities for adults to get involved.

  • Program Volunteers work directly with young people in one of YouthCARE's three programs: Camp Sunrise, YouthLEAD, or the Young Women's Mentoring Program
  • Policy Volunteers serve on YouthCARE's Board of Directors or on a Policy Committee.
  • Special Event Volunteers provide support to YouthCARE by assisting with special events such as fundraisers, Camp Sunrise Workdays, or by sharing a special skill or expertise such as carpentry or graphics arts.