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Young Women's Mentoring Program

About the Program

The Young Women's Mentoring Program is a community-based multicultural youth mentoring and development program. Established in 1990, the program focuses on building the education, employment, leadership, and life skills of girls, 7-18 years old. The Young Women's Mentoring Program takes place within two low-income public housing communities, Little Earth of United Tribes in Minneapolis and McDonough homes in St. Paul.

The Young Women's Mentoring Program provides eight young women, 15-18 years old, with year long jobs. These Youth Mentors serve as role models in their community while developing employment and leadership skills.

The Youth Mentors assist adult program staff in providing consistent out-of-school time activities for over 120 girls, 7-12 year old. Activity topics include STEM (science technology, engineering, and math) education, building healthy relationships, confidence, bullying, cultural exploration, arts, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Awards and Recognition

The Young Women's Mentoring Program is routinely recognized in media and community publications. In November 2015, the program celebrated its 25th Anniversary with community partners, supporters, volunteers, and business leaders. In addition, the Young Women's Mentoring Program has received the following awards:

  • 2010 Community Impact Award from the Women's Foundation of Minnesota
  • 2002 Certificate of Recognition from Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura
  • 2002 Ann Bancroft Award for Support and Encouragement of Girls and Women


Program Impact

  • "I'm in love with science now! I hope to someday have a job that uses science, maybe even working with chemical reactions!" -Anna, Age 9
  • "I like learning with Girls Group more than at school because it's more fun. When we don't get it at school, my teacher teaches the lesson over. In Girls Group, when I don't get it, you teach me in a different way so I can understand." - Zakara, Age 9
  • "Through the Young Women's Mentoring Program, I gained self-control which was a really challenging goal to accomplish and I rely on it daily. I am definitely more mature than I was a year ago." -Yenecia, Age 16, Youth Mentor
  • "I'm becoming a better person overall. This is my major goal this year and this job gave me a good start." -Ashley, Age 16, Youth Mentor
  • "I'm really glad I found this group. I didn't have many friends before, but once I started coming I met some new people and it was easier for me to make friends at school too." -Jennifer, Age 11
  • "Thank you for making Girls Group a good place. I feel safe and like I'm being listened to." -Caydence, Age 8